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King Of Hearts

By Wendy Stone


Caitlyn Summers was a loner long before she started working for Hart Investigations. Since taking a position in the company, she's become more than just a regular investigator: now she heads up King of Hearts. That part of the company is hush hush and is only known by word of mouth from those who had used it to those who might find need of their specific talents.

Cat ruled the roost at King of Hearts. She brought in her own people, three women who could kick ass and take names and then she trained them into a crew that could do almost anything. Never had she thought her boss, Joseph Hart, would bring anyone new into the team. That he had was bad enough but that he brought in Erich Radner, a man who'd broken Cat's heart, was even worse.

Would she be able to see the truth or would false conclusions wreck their chance at something that would make Erich her King of Hearts?




Darkness surrounded her like a warm, soft blanket. It was as familiar as the metal asp in its case on her belt or the Sig Sauer 9 millimeter that was held so casually in her hand. She blended with the darkness, the slate gray of her pants and turtleneck became part of the shadow and hid her from sight of the two that she watched.

Of course, they weren’t really concerned about who saw them. Caitlyn smiled wryly as she listened to the grunts and moans that came from the open patio French doors. She doubted they would hear her even if she stomped up to them right now.

“Oh, you fucking slut, you’re so God damned tight.”

Caitlyn rolled her eyes as the noises and the smells of sex enveloped her and created a longing inside of her. When was the last time she’d had a night off? Shit, when was the last time she’d actually had a date?

“Take it, bitch, take it all. You like it don’t you? Don’t you, slut?”

The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, and wet sloshing got louder as Caitlyn peered around the door as she kept her body in the shadow. Her target was huge, six feet five inches at least, with shoulders that would argue with doorframes. She’d read his stats, knew his background, but seeing him in person was something else. He was imposingly muscled from what she could see at this angle; his body covered his tiny blonde lover, who squealed with each of his impassioned thrusts.

Caitlyn couldn’t help but wonder at the size of his cock, if it would be as remarkable as the rest of him. A burst of heat bathed her groin and she moaned. Damn, she needed to get laid. With a sigh, she reached up and pulled down the black light weight mask that covered her red hair and face. She stepped into the ornately furnished bedroom. Her steps were confident and cocky but quiet. She had no fear of the alarm system. It was shut down by the new tactical by-pass circuit her tech department had developed. She knew every inch of the interior of the house down to the placement of the furniture. If she had to leave in total darkness, she could without a worry. She knew the target’s habits, knew his propensity for blondes like the one wriggling in ecstasy upon his bed right now. Tiny blondes who looked nothing like his eight month pregnant wife, a beautiful brunette and her client.

“Oh bitch, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in you.” His words were interspersed with loud grunts and heavy pants. His hips drove into the small woman with enough power that Caitlyn felt sympathetic, imagining the bruises that would bloom afterwards.

“No! You can’t, baby,” the blonde cried, pushing her hands on her lover’s wide chest. “Remember, I quit taking the pill ’cause Johnny wants babies?”

“Shut the fuck up, slut. I do what I want, remember?” His hand rose up in the air, threatening. The blonde cowered, and covered her face with her hands.

Caitlyn got there first, the barrel of her Sig coming to a gentle rest against his temple.

“I don’t think you want to do that, Cody, I really don’t.” She grinned as she heard her voice. The new components of the mask had changed its tone, depth, and pitch until she didn’t recognize it herself.

Cody froze; he barely breathed.

“I think you should get up off of her now. Slowly!” she warned, taking a step back and estimating the length of his reach, just in case the idiot decided to try something stupid. In a way, she hoped he would. The damage she’d seen on pretty, pregnant Brenda White was reason enough to dole out some much needed retribution.

His latest conquest screeched and used one hand to cover herself as the other clawed for a sheet. Cody pulled out of her and jumped out of bed, ready to fight. Caitlyn was blessed with a glimpse of dark brown pubic hair and remarkably huge, fake boobs. Chuckling, she carefully bent over and plucked up the woman’s dress—a bright red, micro mini with a halter top that left little if anything to the imagination. It was just the type of thing a woman who would fuck Cody White should wear. Caitlyn threw it onto the bed and told her to get dressed.

“Where’s your wallet?” she asked Cody, who stood, his hands up at about shoulder height, his body exposed to her gaze.

“Why? What the fuck do you want?”

“Because I asked you, and you’ll find out soon enough what I want.” Caitlyn sighed, wondering why the big, handsome ones had to be so damned dumb.

“It’s on the dresser. Take it and whatever else you want, just don’t kill me.”

Under the mask, Caitlyn rolled her eyes. She backed up and flicked on the light. It blinded the two lovers for a moment, though she was safe, thanks to the filters in her mask. She picked up the wallet and counted out twenty dollars, leaving the rest on the dresser. She threw the money at the woman.

“Now, I’m going to let you out of here, but if you don’t want happy hubby Johnny Carter to know you’ve been fucking his business partner for the past five months, I’d keep your mouth shut about what you know about this. Don’t even think of lying to him and reporting anything you know to the cops or the pictures I have will be sent to your husband. Let me think, you had a prenuptial agreement with him, didn’t you?” Caitlyn almost laughed at the fear and horror on the woman’s face.

The blonde took one last look at Cody as she slipped into her dress. “You aren’t worth any of this. I hope he kicks the shit out of you.” She glanced back, mistaking Caitlyn for a man. “He’s yours. Don’t call me again, Cody. You’re definitely not worth losing my Johnny.” She picked up her shoes and she fled the room and, as a last dramatic gesture, slammed the French doors.  

She trudgeddown the long drive sparing a single thought to Cody White.  How had the gentle and beautiful Brenda White ended up with the spawn of the devil that was her husband. She couldn’t understand why Brenda, an ethereal and loving person hadn’t left the crass and cheating jerk.  It just wasn’t right.  This entire episode triggered memories she had buried deep.  She pushed those memories aside unwilling to give them hold of her.


Caitlyn stared down at the man lying on the broken jumble of kindling that had once been a coffee table. He got up slowly, shaking his head clear like an overgrown mutt, and she couldn’t help but grin behind the mask. She did like them big, and this one looked like he had enough muscle and stamina to keep going for a while. She only hoped he wasn’t stupid enough to charge her like some kind of bull.

Cody’s head came down between his massive shoulders and with a roar of rage, he plowed forward, his arms out as he sought to grab her. Cat grinned and danced backwards. She easily avoided his massively muscled arms. He quickly swung around his head swiveling on his shoulders. She smirked, reading his thoughts on his face easily: when he got a hold of the stranger who invaded his house, he was going to give him a beating he’d never forget, ever.

Caitlyn waited patiently as he rushed her, settling into a lounging, casual position as she stood there, her feet about shoulder-width apart. When he came within grabbing distance, she flew into motion, ducking under his grasp and grabbing his arm to use his own momentum to send him hurtling back the way he’d come. She grinned as he slammed into the brick fireplace. His head connected with a loud thunk and he teetered on his feet for a moment.

“You know, Cody, this could take a while. Aren’t you even curious about why I’m here?”

Cody peeled himself off the wall, grimacing. Blood dripped from a cut on his forehead and spilled into his left eye. Caitlyn could only imagine how it would sting like hell and blur his vision. She could see the rage brewing, see how his nostrils flared and his neck muscles tensed. He took a single step and then his head lowered again, staring back at her with death in his eyes.

She gave a sigh, quite bored with his theatrics. “I guess not.”

She ducked under his arms once more, but this time, she threw all her strength into two punches which landed against his washboard stomach. She heard his grunting exhale, and with a grunt of her own, she threw one more punch, landing it on the tip of his square jaw, knocking his head back on his ox-like shoulders.

Caitlyn watched as he teetered backwards on unsteady feet. She knew she’d knocked the air from him. She watched as he teetered and noted the trail of blood that streamed from the side of his mouth. He grunted and fell backwards to land on his bare ass on a floor covered with splinters from the smashed wooden table.

Caitlyn waited to see if he’d get up. When he continued to sit there like a rag doll, she got out her digital camera and circled round him. His arms hung loosely from his sides and blood spewed from his mouth to mingle with that coming from the cut on his head. A knotted bump was on the edge of his jaw and the area had already swollen up three times its normal size.

She waited until he caught his breath and then clicked the camera’s shutter a few times. Her client hadn’t wanted Cody killed. She just wanted him to be taught a lesson; a lesson taught by a woman since he had so little respect for them. Caitlyn knew the type of man Cody was, and she hoped once would be enough. With men like him, those whose muscle mass far outweighed their intelligence, one lesson…well, normally it wouldn’t be enough.

She put her camera back in its small pocket at the waist of her pants, and took a seat on a chaise lounge, that had been knocked clear across the room during the fight.

“Okay, Cody? Are you ready?” She took out the Sig, holding it with a negligent hand as she waited for him to nod.

“Are you going to kill me now?” As his tongue and blood filled his mouth, the words he spoke sounded more like, “R ew ing o ill me ow?”

“No, I’m not going to kill you.” Caitlyn waited a moment before adding the two words she hoped would scare him enough to put him on the straight and narrow. “This time.”

But with a disparaging groan, she saw the look in his eyes. It was the same look that said that once she left, he’d beef up his security. He’d do what he had to do to keep himself safe and then live his life the same way he’d done before. He’d beat his wife and fuck whatever woman caught his eye. He’d treat the female population as if the only use they had was for what they had between their legs.

“I was hoping you’d be smarter than that, Cody. I really was. I haven’t had to kill a target in a while and I might be a bit rusty. It might take more than one shot to do the deed and my aim could slip. I could, say, accidentally,” she pointed the Sig at the downed man and aimed the barrel at the limp piece of flesh that lay against his thigh, “off something that you might want to keep. Imagine the pain of having that little dick of yours torn off by a nine millimeter slug. Imagine the horror of knowing that you’d have to live the rest of your life squatting like a woman to take a piss.”

Caitlyn loved the whimpering fear in his eyes now, the horror etched across his face. His hand went to his crotch; his body curled over his lap protectively.

“Yeah, guys like you always think their dicks are the most important thing in the world. I always wondered why, but I know now. You’d hate to be thought brainless.” Caitlyn laughed away her words with an airy wave of her gun. “Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. As to why I’m here, I hope you pay attention to this, Cody. I really hope you do. I’ve seen your wife. You remember her, don’t you?”

Caitlyn waited until Cody looked up at her and nodded.

“She’s a beautiful, sweet woman, who, for some ungodly reason, loves you. Now I’m not here to argue about the insanity of love, probably because I don’t much believe in it. What I am here to talk to you about is your treatment of her and how you will treat her from now on. Are you listening?”

“Ess,” he managed to hiss

“If I hear of any more bruises, any more fooling around, any more shenanigans of any kind out of you, Cody boy, I will be back. I’ll be back to make this little go around look like a love fest. Understood?”

Caitlyn stood over the prone man and waited for his reply. When it came, she shook her head sadly. She’d be back here. She could only hope that her client, Brenda, wouldn’t bear the brunt of his anger.

But for now, all she could do was finish the job, do the cleanup, and get out of here. With a single motion, she pulled off her mask and took out the pins that held her hair secure. She tossed her head to shake it out and then looked down at Cody. His shock was precious and she quickly took another picture. Then she spun quickly on the ball of her foot and performed a beautiful roundhouse kick that caught him on the temple. He fell like the bull he resembled, and hit the floor. Hard. He wouldn’t be getting back up for a while.

“Yep, I’ve never seen a man your size yet that can’t get kicked in the head and sleep it off and be just as stubborn and piggish the next day.” Caitlyn sighed and reached into a pocket on the leg of her pants to pull out her signature. She left it sitting on the man’s chest.

She holstered her Sig, giving it a tender pat like one would to a treasured pet. Then she checked to make sure she’d left nothing of importance behind. Satisfied with a job well done, she slipped into the shadows and disappeared into the night.