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Crossbred Son

By Brenna Lyons


Diagnosed with a chronic reproductive problem that would prevent her from having children, Abby walked away from Gabe and her dreams of a life as his mate.

Then came the curve ball. She was pregnant with his child, a child that the human doctors assured her would miscarry before viability.

What's a girl to do? Tell Gabe and force him to mourn a child that couldn't possibly survive or try to carry their son alone and face heartbreak the same way?

No brainer. Or so she thought.

Not only did Michael survive, he thrived. Now Abby is a single Hauaa to a Xxanian crossbred child, in a world where anti-Xxan guerillas are looking for the next reason to attack...and with no clue how she's going to explain the situation to Gabe.

Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60659-754-5
89 pages -- 28,700 words




 “You can’t be serious,” Abby Jacobs croaked out.

Doctor Heston sighed. “Would I joke about something like this?”

Pregnant. I’m pregnant. “But you said...All the specialists said I couldn’t have a child.” I didn’t use protection, because they said it was impossible.

His expression was grim. “It’s nearly impossible, Abby. You still won’t carry to term. I have to be realistic here. Chances are, you’ll miscarry early, but you will miscarry.”

The fledgling spark of excitement she hadn’t even acknowledged yet extinguished.

“If you don’t want to put yourself through this...If you can’t face losing the baby later—”

“No. Are you crazy?” This was probably the only chance she’d have to have a child. Abby was going to follow it through, no matter the outcome.

“I’ll set you up with Jules Bashaw. She’s the best high-risk obstetrician in the area.”

Her cheeks heated. “That would be good, but she’s going to have to consult on this one.”

Heston’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Why would she have to consult? Are there other complications I don’t know about?”


He waited patiently for an answer.

“The father is Xxan...well, a Xxanian mix anyway. I think, all things considered, maybe SLAL should be consulted.”

He straightened and took a step back. His gaze flicked to her abdomen and away, and his color faded a few shades.

Great. He’s a bigot.

“I see. I’ll make sure Jules knows it. I don’t think she’s ever handled a Xxanian birth before.”

And I’ll make sure she’s not a bigot as well. “Thank you, Doctor Heston.” And goodbye.

“I’ll let Jules handle any prenatal vitamins. I don’t know what will be safe for you...considering.”

Abby exited as quickly as possible, the card for Doctor Bashaw in hand.

She’d only been home for a few minutes when her mobile phone rang. The caller ID announced an amorphous “Medical.” Which means it’s probably Doctor Bashaw. She flipped it open.


“Miz Jacobs? This is Doctor Stephen Rayn from SLAL. Doctor Bashaw contacted me. I understand you are carrying a Xxanian mix young”

Well, that was quick. “Yes. I am.”

“We would like to bring you in for preliminary testing as soon as possible. Would you be available to take a shuttle to us this afternoon?”

There was a note of urgency in his voice that sent a shiver down her spine. “I suppose so. Where would I get the shuttle?”

“We can have a shuttle meet you at any of the hospitals or at the airport,” he offered.


“Fine. Can you be there at two o’clock?”

“Yes.” Her head was spinning at the speed of events. Abby resolved to lay down now, before she managed to collapse into sleep again.

“The front desk will have someone take you to the pad.”

Abby nodded, then realized he couldn’t see her. “Okay. Thanks.” Her mouth went dry, and the feeling that she’d lost control of her life assaulted her.

“Miz Jacobs?”

“Yes.” Her voice sounded strange in her own ears.

“Who is the seir...the father of your baby?”

“This is confidential, right?” He can’t tell Gabe. Chances are, I’m going to lose the baby, anyway.

There was a moment of silence. “I don’t understand.”

“If Doctor Bashaw gave you a full update, you know there’s almost no chance I’ll carry to term...or even to a viable—”

“I’m going to do my best to make sure you do.” There was a haughty undertone to that answer.

“I believe that, but you’ll probably fail. I can’t let you tell him, just to leave him hurt when I lose the baby.” This was why I left him in the first place. I can’t give him children.

“And if the baby doesn’t miscarry? If he or she is born alive?”

“I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” Abby couldn’t think about that now. If the baby lived, how could she ever explain to Gabe why she’d kept it a secret from him?

“Yes,” he grumbled. “It’s confidential. Now...who is the father?”

“Gabe Zhaahvan.”

“Thank you. That helps us plan for your care.”

“You’re welcome. Thank you for helping.”

“Keeping Xxan-human crossbreds alive is what I do, Miz Jacobs. I’ll see you soon.”