Michelle Houston

Born to ride on the back of dragons, to journey among the stars in a ship traveling faster than light, or to dance the night away in the arms of a mysterious vampire, Michelle Houston willingly shares the worlds in her mind in an effort to bring them to life.

Writing everything from short and sweet stories, to hot and spicy tales of kink, from contemporary tales of romance to erotic romances featuring Greek gods, vampires and were-creatures, she has crossed sexualities and has gone wherever her mental muse has guided her, a journey she has never regretted.

Beyond that, she has a love of the natural world around us (except for insects, spiders, snakes, scorpions, and she reserves the right to add more at any time) and hopes to share the enjoyment of the natural world with her students now that she has earned her teaching certification.

In other words, she is an ordinary woman with an imagination that is only held in bounds by how fast she can type.

  • Binary Stars 6: Butterfly's Effects/Jewels of Desire
  • All work and no play?  Not in their offices. Elaine's relationship with her office assistance went from a normal friendship to lovers, and they are both struggling to find the balance between their professional and personal lives... More
  • Her Majesty's Maiden
  • When Margaret Dudley joined the ranks of Queen Elizabeth Iís gentlewomen, she never expected the whirlwind of changes that occurred in her life. Expecting to retreat to the background, to serve her sovereign with integrity and... More
  • Private Eyes
  • Exhibitionism and Voyeurism.  The thrill of watching Ö and being watched.  Enjoy them both in this collection by Michelle Houston. The camera catches the inner soul to a person, catching the hidden emotions we are too... More