D. Musgrave

  • Blood Creek Haunting
  • Blood Creek Haunting is the story of a woman haunted by the ghost of an Indian brave. Emily discovers that not only is her house built on the sacred ground of the Blood Creek Massacre, but also one of her ancestors was responsible for the... More
  • Sexual Healing: the Intervention
  • Jean and Michael's marriage is in trouble. Not because they're incompatible, but because they are ashamed of their fantasies. Out of ideas, they turn to Sex Surrogate, Dr. Marianne Haley, who resorts to the only thing that may work; an... More
  • Sexual Healing: Too Shy
  • Despite being married for several years, and loving her husband with all her heart, Sophia is looking for something more--the Big O. But her deep-seated shyness has made that search all but impossible. Can Dr. Marianne Haley show the... More