Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams is a native of Los Angeles, born 45 years ago. She’s a full-time home business owner in the export/import trade business.  She enjoys opera, classical music and is a huge history buff.  Her true passion however is writing, and creating a worlds that she would like to escape to (or escape from). She writes of all things Interracial, including erotica, romance, mysteries and anything in-between, all hot, sexy and steamy.

  • Friends Upgrade
  • After ten years of being very best friends, Doug and Judith's feelings for each other become less than platonic. But due to their past experience, seeing others mix sex and friendship together, neither one of them want to take the first... More
  • Model MisBehavior
  • JT is a top model for book covers. Burned once already in love, however, he wants nothing to do with another cover model.  None can be trusted, until he meets a brown skinned beauty who's shy about posing in the nude--a novelty in his world,... More