Savannah Reardon

Savannah Reardon is a Southern gal who started writing at an early age. She is the author of many short stories, some of which are featured on free erotica sites. Numerous stories have received monthly Readerís Choice category nominations on one of those sites, Literotica. In 2005, she won the year-end Readerís Choice award for the How-To category. In 2004, she won the Earth Day contest. She has four stories included in the Coming Together anthologies and has works published with Excessica and Phaze. Her latest story, Dragonís Lust, was a best-seller two months in a row and a top 25 seller for 2009. 

When not writing erotica, Savannah is a mom and substitute teacher who enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and spending entirely too much time on the internet. She is also an avid fan of game shows and enjoys going bowling because itís the one sport where she can trounce her husband.

  • Dragon's Lust
  • Determined to avenge the deaths of her father and brothers, Kiana slips into the dragon Ranehz's lair with the intent to kill...and instead becomes his own. The dragon's brand drives Kiana mad with desire, and she soon discovers she's unable... More