Yvette Hines

I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest and guilty pleasures. I enjoy creating happily ever after stories with HEAT. The hotter the better! Lift is busy, it would be great to have a chance to sit down and enjoy a long read, since that is often not the case, I bring you Short and Sexy, Sensual Erotica. Just long enough to help you meet the need. I was talking about your reading need…where’s you mind? As an erotic romance author, I try to show that every woman no matter color, age, shape or size deserves a high level of passion in her life. So, if you like diversity and a good read, check out one of my books. Then drop me an e-mail about it and we’ll chat. I run a newsletter group where I post contests, excerpts, blurbs, covers and news about where I am and what I’m doing.

  • Apprehension
  • Apprehension -- Getting entangled with the law has never been so good. Three titillating stories, one unforgettable town. Heated Restraints -- Brad “Thor” Zeller is getting out of the military and he’s... More
  • Arrested Heart
  • Danielle Smith arrested Robert Wright’s heart a long time ago, years later they find themselves in a hidden affair once again. There are walls standing between their happily ever after, secrets of the past. Danielle allows Robert to command... More
  • Heated Restraints
  • Brad "Thor" Zeller is getting out of the military and he's looking for a little peace and quiet. When he becomes an officer in the county of Claremont a hellion named Liza Wright begins to disturb his peace of mind. She's sexy, sassy and a... More
  • Prisoner of Desire
  • Tall, lanky Mandy Franklin has been awkward all of her life. As a cop in Claremont County, she’s been content being just one of the guys, until the night of the Fourth of July fair. Mandy finds herself in a case of mistaken identity and a... More
  • Santa's Helper
  • Nicole has been working for Marco department store for three years and has loved David, the owner's middle son for just as long. Quiet, sexy, business-minded David Marco with his thick black hair and chocolate brown eyes that make her wet just... More
  • Speed Dating
  • Jenna Taylor is a legal secretary in love with her deliveryman.Apprehensive about how to go about getting him to notice her, she orders packages daily in an attempt to force his hand. But, three months into the delivery scheme she discovers... More
  • To Have And To Hold
  • Kelli Delaney spent the last year planning for the perfect wedding. What she didn't plan for was getting to the altar and not having a groom there waiting for her. Dumped and pissed, Kelli decides she's still going to have her honeymoon and eat... More