Kally Jo Surbeck

  • Paths Chosen
  • Several hundred years ago, Simone made a poor choice, a choice that has lasted an eternity. Because of that one split-second decision Simone and her lover have been cursed to immortality--separate from each other until that mistake can be... More
  • The Awakening
  • A Balanced Choice Some say she dances too close to Hades, controlling life and death. She laughs at those fools. Why dance with a god of the Underworld when itís her power that determines when humans pass? Her sisters call... More
  • Twice as Strong
  • In a time when her heart has been broken and her hearing stolen by a ruthless accident, Frankie must find it in hear heart to forgive her husband. Can they save their marriage and rekindle the love they once felt? In this heartwarming tale a... More